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As mega-fires become the norm, as firefighting budgets are slashed, with
firefighters being overwhelmed by the sheer number and size of wildfires,
people are asking: Can technology be harnessed to produce a firefighting
force capable of taking on such destructive phenomena before our forests
are reduced to ash? Before thousands lose their homes? Before more lives
are lost to rampant wildfires?

Solution? Firebombers Incorporated: The firefighting force for the 21st century!

Melding together proven firefighting techniques with the latest in electronics,
computers, and space-age materials, an elite, hard-hitting force is created,
one which can see through smoke and dark of night as though itís a clear day,
able to rapidly deploy all their firefighters and equipment to a fire zone by
air, with all units networked through futuristic command-and-control vehicles.
Could such an outfit help the wildland firefighting forces that are currently
stretched to the breaking point win their battles faster with reduced loss
in lives and property?

Dedicated to those who risk their lives to save the lives of others, Firebombers
Incorporated is a must read for anyone concerned about the increasing threat of
mega-fires and interested in seeing what could be done to stop them dead in their